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Vehicular Crash Analysis

The following are some of the areas in which Ethan Parker PE can provide the essential knowledge and experience to analyze and determine the facts surrounding vehicular crashes:

Heavy truck visibility issues

Vehicular accident reconstruction including automotive, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian, marine, and light, medium and heavy-duty trucks

Determination of the pre-impact and post-impact speed of each unit involved in a collision

Analysis of crush energy and its relationship to pre-crash speed

Rollover, jackknife, load shift, offtracking, and underride accidents

Perception-response time and other human factors involved in a traffic accident

Air brake balance and efficiency calculations Light filament on/off analysis

The effect of brake adjustment on a heavy truck's deceleration rate

Analysis of filaments to determine if lights were illuminated at the time of a crash

Statistical analysis for a more in-depth understanding of the probability of events that occurred during an accident

Road geometry

Sight distance

Pavement edge drop off
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