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Forensic Engineering Investigations & Structural Analysis

~ Specializing in accident reconstruction and the analysis of structural failures ~

Accident Reconstruction
    Heavy Truck Expertise
    Speed Analysis
    Vehicle Dynamics
    Analysis of the Time,
      Distance, Speed
    Event Probability
    Road Geometry
    Sight Distance
    Pavement Edge Drop Off
Structural Investigations
    Structural Damage
    Water Infiltration
    Foundation Cracking &
    Wind & Hail Damage
    Roofing System Failures
    EIFS Investigations
    Structural Analysis of
      Sculptures and Monuments
Mechanical Investigations
    Vehicle Inspections
    Brake System Analysis
    Steering & Suspension
Photographic Documentation

Ethan Parker, PE has more than thirty-five years of engineering experience and since 1988 has worked extensively in the area of forensic engineering. In 1993, he established this consulting engineering firm focusing on accident reconstruction and the analysis of mechanical and structural failures. His investigations have involved general automotive as well as commercial vehicle accidents, mechanical failures, structural collapses, foundation and roof problems, and other types of losses.

Ethan Parker, PE is a registered Professional Engineer in the states of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virginia. Mr. Parker was an ACTAR accredited traffic accident reconstructionist. He was also an ASE Certified Technician for automobiles, trucks, and school buses. As an expert witness, Mr. Parker has testified in federal court, state courts in Ohio and Kentucky, and the Court of Claims in Columbus, Ohio.

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